10 Types of Refreshing Coffee for Summer Days

With the hot weather, besides the need for hydration, the need to consume refreshing drinks arises. For coffee lovers, warm weather is always a good excuse to consume their favorite drinks from coffee shop menus.

Refreshing coffee combinations not only are easy to prepare, but in some cases they don’t even require sophisticated utensils. In this article, we have gathered 10 popular drinks, perfect for warm days and easy to prepare.

Ice Latte

The list could not start better than with a famous Ice Latte. Almost any coffee enthusiast starts the summer with an ice latte because it is a simple and often encountered recipe in cafe menus. 

The amount of coffee or milk can be changed according to preferences, but the classic version remains a balanced option in taste.

How to prepare?

All you need to prepare an ice latte is a shot of espresso (about 20-25 ml), ice and 280 ml of cold milk that you pour into a transparent glass. Those who prefer to sweeten the drink can add honey syrup, sugar or sweetener to taste.

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Ice Flat White

A less known drink in summer menus is the ice flat white, but it has its place on the list of preferences of coffee enthusiasts who crave intense coffee. 

A flat white is a more energizing coffee with a higher amount of coffee in its composition and less milk. It is a perfect drink for those who want to taste a more intense coffee flavor or simply need a higher dose of energy.

How to prepare?

To prepare a flat white, you need two shots of espresso (about 40-50 ml), ice and 150-160 ml of milk poured into a transparent glass.

Ice Latte Cocktail

The coffee and alcohol mix always seems like a good idea, and coffee shops are reinventing coffee-based cocktails year after year. This alcoholic ice latte is perfect for hot evenings. 

It is prepared with the same ingredients used for the classic ice latte, with the addition of 50 ml of honey liqueur. A sweet, energizing and alcoholic cocktail will be obtained.

Cappuccino Freddo

This interesting drink that has recently emerged as a trend in cafes is perfect for those who love creamy textures. There are several methods and tools you can use to get a cold cappuccino, but let’s see how it is prepared.

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How to prepare?

To make a cold cappuccino, you need two shots of espresso (about 40-50 ml), ice, and 130 ml of milk. In this recipe, both the coffee and the milk will pass through a shaker to get that creamy texture.

Place ice and espresso in a shaker and shake well, then repeat the process separately with the milk and then pour both into a glass with ice. The drink will have a creamy texture with a layer of foam on top.

What can you replace the shaker with if you don’t have one?

  • A special milk frother mixer.
  • A blender on the lowest speed.
  • A French Press.
  • A jar with a lid.

Espresso Fredo

Because we mentioned cold cappuccino, we couldn’t leave out the milk-free version, cold espresso. It is simply prepared with a shot of espresso (20-25 ml) and ice in a shaker and served as is. This drink is perfect for those who prefer simple coffee, without milk, but with a creamier texture.

Cold Brew

Another drink that is in high demand in coffee shops once the weather starts to warm up is cold brew. In particular, this drink is a method of cold preparation. 

Coffee will infuse in cold water over a longer period of time. It takes 12-24 hours to get a concentrated cold brew that can be served as is or in various combinations.

How to prepare?

To get a cold brew, you need either a special container for cold brew called Toddy, or a large container (1-2 liters) with a lid and a cloth filter to separate the grounds. In this container, combine the coffee and cold water with a ratio of 60-80 grams of ground coffee per liter of water. 

Place the container in the refrigerator and depending on preferences, let it infuse for 12-24 hours, then pass it through a cloth filter to separate the grounds.

You can make a larger quantity given the waiting time, and after separating the grounds, store it in the refrigerator in a bottle with a lid for up to two weeks. It is served as is with ice.

Tip: You can even use a French Press if you have one, in which case you no longer need a cloth filter.


Cold Brew Tonic

Once you have a cold brew, it can be used in various combinations. One of these is cold brew tonic. To make it, pour into a glass of ice 100 ml of cold brew and 200 ml of your preferred tonic water. Flavored tonic waters with lavender, rosemary, oranges, etc. can be used.

In some recipes, honey syrup (20 ml) or orange juice (50 ml) is also used with lemon slices as garnish.

Cold Brew Latte

Another combination that can be obtained with a cold brew is the latte version. It is simply and efficiently made by pouring 100 ml of cold brew and 150 ml of milk into a glass of ice. 

It is recommended that the proportion of milk and coffee be approximately equal because a cold brew is a coffee with a low intensity of flavor, and too much milk can cover it completely.

Cold Brew Gin Tonic

It is worth mentioning in the list of cold brew combinations this renowned cocktail in coffee shops. It is a refreshing and energizing cocktail with an aroma similar to lemonade. It is very easily made by combining in a cocktail glass of ice, 50 ml gin, 50 ml honey syrup/sugar, 20 ml lemon juice, 100 ml cold brew and your preferred tonic water to the top. Orange slices, mint, lavender, or rosemary can be used for garnish.


At the end of the list, we could not omit this drink-dessert which is probably the most beloved by coffee enthusiasts. Affogato is an interesting combination between espresso and vanilla ice cream, but depending on preferences, another type of ice cream can be used.

It is easily prepared from two shots of espresso (40-50 ml) and 100-150 grams of vanilla ice cream on which a few mint leaves are placed. It can be served immediately with a spoon or wait until all the ice cream has melted to obtain a liquid drink.

Warm weather will always be a pretext to prepare these energizing drinks, but it is not a mandatory criterion. You can prepare them anytime, very easily, some of them without special utensils.