Comparison of Automatic Espresso Maker Brands

The expansion of the coffee-drinking community is increasingly reflected in the quality of the devices that different brands offer. Each is different in some way, and that can only be to the advantage of consumers.

When we talk about an automatic espresso machine and associate a certain brand, it is very likely that we already have in mind a design or a defining feature. Here is a list of the most well-known brands that offer automatic espresso machines and what sets them apart.


Main focus: Design. The automatic espresso machines offered by De’longhi are well-known for their longevity in the market, having been present in coffee-making appliance production for over 30 years. 

Whether low-budget or premium, De’longhi’s automatic espresso machines focus on design, as evidenced by the success of the De’Longhi Artista series or the Red Dot Design Award won for the Esclusivo line.

About this Item

Brand De’Longhi
Capacity 1 Liters
Color Silver
Special Feature Milk FrotherDrip Tray,Removable Tank,Twin Brewing Cycle
Maker Type Espresso Machine


Main focus: Simplicity. Known for their simplicity, the automatic espresso machines developed by Philips are positioned more in the middle budget range, trying to offer quality and simplicity through the technology they use. 

Philips are probably best known for their LatteGo innovation, which allows any consumer to obtain a creamy milk texture with a simple button press, along with automatic pouring into a cup.

About this Item

BrandPhilips Kitchen Appliances
Capacity1.8 Liters
Special FeatureMilk Frother
Coffee Maker TypeEspresso Machine


Main focus: Speed. The automatic espresso machines developed by Krups, influenced by German design, focus on speed and intuitive commands. 

That’s why they developed a system called Krups Quatro Force that grinds 20% faster than a normal grinder, tamps, percolates, and extracts in less time than other espresso machines in the same range. 

The copper boiler helps optimize the heating time of the appliance, contributing to speed.

About this Item

Capacity1.5 Liters
ColorBlack and Silver
Special FeatureManual
Coffee Maker TypeEspresso Machine

Which automatic espresso machine brand to choose?

If you are in the position of deciding which automatic espresso machine to choose, the answer depends entirely on your needs. 

What is important to you? The design? Speed? Price? Each of the mentioned brands offers a multitude of models, each with different or special functions.

What is important is that the result in the cup is correct and satisfactory, and that depends not only on the quality of the coffee beans, but also on the right espresso machine.