Comparison of Manual Espresso Machine Brands

The coffee enthusiasts community has been growing continuously for a few years now and it’s not surprising that brands that produce manual espresso machines have started to align with this and produce increasingly performing devices, even for household use. 

From coffee to accessories or espresso machines, there are increasingly special editions for enthusiasts under the title of barista.

That’s why choosing a manual espresso machine has become a challenge in itself with all the existing models on the market. Here we have compiled a list of the best and most influential brands that produce manual espresso machines for household use, but tend towards better performance, perhaps even similar to that in cafes.


De’Longhi’s main focus when it comes to the production of manual espresso machines is design and the middle price range, combining performance at an affordable price. 

Special editions like the Barista espresso machines offer almost coffee shop performance, integrating features such as grind adjustment, pressure control, automatic and constant tamping, or display for adjusting these.

About this Item

Capacity56 Fluid Ounces
ColorStainless Steel, Black
Special FeatureMilk Frother
Coffee Maker TypeEspresso Machine


Heinner is a producer of household appliances that focuses on affordability. Most of the manual espresso machines produced by Heinner are in the low budget range. 

These are basic espresso machines, made of materials such as plastic and stainless steel and have non-adjustable functions, generally recommended for those who rarely use the machine and do not seek high performance.


Saeco provides manual espresso machines ranging from basic to professional, although they focus more on the range of automatic espresso machines. In general, those offer additional features such as a dual boiler that allows for simultaneous extraction and milk frothing, a triple thermoblock for constant temperature, or pre-infusion programs to achieve better extractions.


Gevi is one of the brands that has aligned itself quickly with the coffee enthusiast community, trying to produce manual espresso machines that exactly replicate the parameters of professional machines found in coffee shops. 

Direct competitor to De’Longhi, especially in the production of manual espresso machines, Gevi stands out by replicating the parameters recommended by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) in producing correct extractions. 

Gevi’s manual espresso machines are among the most recommended in terms of quality-price.

About this Item

Capacity2.2 Pounds
Special FeatureIntegrated Coffee Grinder
Coffee Maker TypeEspresso Machine


Samus is a Romanian brand of household appliances, including manual espresso machines. It is in the low budget range. They use lightweight materials such as plastic or stainless steel for their manufacture, and the functions they offer are basic. 

The best models offered by Samus allow for monitoring of pressure in the boiler, temperature control, or adjustment of the grinder with multiple grinding degrees.


Gaggia, a brand that has innovated professional manual espresso machines from the beginning, is a company that was bought by Saeco in 1999, which was then bought by the Philips group. 

Although it still operates as a separate line of espresso machines, Gaggia uses Saeco’s design and Philips technology, especially in the range of manual espresso machines. 

Gaggia was known for its aluminum boilers, but Philips changed production to stainless steel. Therefore, Gaggia, Saeco, or Philips produce similar espresso machines in terms of price, quality, and technology.

Which manual espresso machine brand to choose?

Given that most people who choose to purchase a manual espresso machine are enthusiasts, it is always recommended that it offer as many functions that allow control over extractions. 

Regardless of the brand, the manual espresso machine must be equipped with features such as pressure adjustment and temperature control in order to explore the quality of coffee in detail.