How to Make a Cappuccino?

Cappuccino is an extremely popular drink consumed globally, found in all coffee shops worldwide and prepared at home when the kitchen equipment allows. 

It emerged shortly after the invention of the espresso machine in Italy and quickly became one of the most beloved coffee drinks. Cappuccino is an espresso-based drink with milk foam added in a special way to achieve a balance of coffee, milk, and flavors.

How to make a cappuccino?

To obtain a correct cappuccino, the coffee/milk ratio needs to be kept at 1:8, which means that for a 180 ml cappuccino, a single shot of coffee and 160 ml of milk foam are needed. However, you can obtain a cappuccino through two methods:

With an espresso machine

  • Extract a single shot of espresso (20 ml)
  • Froth 160 ml of milk so that you have a dense cream, without bubbles, and the foam layer does not exceed 1.5 cm.
  • Pour into a cappuccino cup and enjoy.

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Without an espresso machine

Another option for those who don’t want to invest a lot of money in high-performance equipment is the MokaPot + French Press to prepare a cappuccino.

  • Extract coffee according to the recipe with the MokaPot and pour 20 ml into a cup.
  • Heat the milk to a maximum of 65 degrees and pour it into a French Press.
  • Agitate the milk energetically from top to bottom to obtain a dense cream, but carefully to avoid becoming too foamy.
  • Pour over the coffee obtained from the MokaPot and enjoy.

Cappuccino Tips & Tricks

  • Keep the milk at a temperature of 2-4 degrees. The colder the milk, the more elastic the cream will be.
  • Start the espresso machine steamer a few seconds before frothing the milk to prevent accumulated water from getting into the frothed milk.
  • Keep the milk under 65 degrees to enjoy the coffee immediately and prevent it from being burned.
  • Use naturally processed coffee to enhance the flavor palette in combination with the milk.

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