The Best Automatic Espresso Machine

Technology makes our lives easier in many daily situations, especially when it comes to enjoying a favorite coffee without the need for a complicated process. 

Automatic espresso machines emerged more as a need to make coffee a simple, delicious and quick-to-prepare beverage.

What to expect from a good automatic espresso machine?

Purchasing an automatic espresso machine should be a well-informed choice, capable of meeting the most important needs when it comes to making the perfect coffee.

Here are some important aspects to consider when choosing a good automatic espresso machine.

  • It should be ergonomic, intuitive and easy to handle.
  • It should be easy to clean and sanitize. Most automatic espresso machines have a difficult cleaning mechanism, so a good one should offer more cleaning programs.
  • The ability to make multiple consecutive drinks without losing the ideal temperature.
  • Flexible in choosing coffee or milk amounts based on preferences.
  • Diversity in preset recipes. Most have basic recipes, espresso, lungo, cappuccino, and latte, but the best automatic espresso machines should offer more recipes and the possibility of adjusting the amount/temperature.

About this Item

Brand De’Longhi
Capacity 1 Liters
Color Silver
Special Feature Milk FrotherDrip Tray,Removable Tank,Twin Brewing Cycle
Maker Type Espresso Machine

Choosing the best automatic espresso machine for you

If you have opted for an automatic espresso machine, choosing it is just a step away from a few criteria and aspects to keep in mind.


Whether you choose an automatic espresso machine with an integrated grinder or not, the budget allocated for a good coffee-making machine should be split 50/50 between the espresso machine and the grinder.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the increasingly developed technology has brought with it a multitude of brands producing automatic espresso machines, some specializing in this range, others not.

Among the most well-known and specialized brands are Jura, Breville, Delonghi, or Gaggia. However, choosing a brand also depends on preferences and desired design.

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BrandPhilips Kitchen Appliances
Capacity1.8 Liters
Special FeatureMilk Frother
Coffee Maker TypeEspresso Machine

The Most Important Functions

All espresso machines can perform a few minimum functions, but the best ones offer functions that can improve both the quality of the coffee and the lifespan of the device. 

The most important ones are: the ability to maintain a constant temperature, special programs for cleaning the inside of the espresso machine, the ability to customize drinks and adjust basic parameters (temperature and pressure).

What drinks can you make with an automatic espresso machine?

In addition to the classic drinks that you can prepare on all espresso machines, you can be creative in this process. Here are a few drinks that you can easily obtain with an automatic espresso machine.

Cappuccino Freddo – this increasingly popular cold coffee drink is easily prepared. Pour ice into a preferred glass, a single shot of espresso and 160 ml of milk froth made on the automatic espresso machine.

Affogato – the ideal combination of coffee and ice cream, affogato is easily prepared with a double espresso and two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Espresso Martini – a cocktail that can be enjoyed anytime. Put ice in a shaker with 40 ml of espresso, 50 ml of coffee liqueur, 50 ml of vodka, 25 ml of sugar syrup and shake well, then pour into a special Martini glass.

About this Item

Capacity1.5 Liters
ColorBlack and Silver
Special FeatureManual
Coffee Maker TypeEspresso Machine

Iced Matcha Caffeinated – a refreshing drink that is easily obtained from 1 gram of matcha, a single shot of espresso and preferred tonic water, all poured into a glass with ice.

Important to know about the maintenance of an automatic espresso machine

Probably the hardest part when it comes to automatic espresso machines is maintaining it. Compared to manual espresso machines, automated ones have a more complicated mechanism, so the best ones offer extra functions to make maintenance easier.

Here are a few things you can do to keep the espresso machine clean and extend its lifespan.

  • Decalcification is recommended to be done at least once a week to remove coffee oils deposited after use and to prevent calcium deposits in the boiler. It is usually a simple procedure that is done with a solution (liquid or solid) and a pre-set program.
  • Milk nozzles should be washed after each use to prevent milk deposits. Over time, these can cause problems, become clogged or attract many bacteria.
  • Annual inspection by a technician.