The Best Manual Espresso Machine With Grinder

Manual espresso makers with integrated grinders have become a very practical way to combine control over extraction with the accessibility of a single device. Thus, manual espresso makers become more compact, easier to use and more suitable for home use.

Why choose a manual espresso maker with integrated grinder?

Manual espresso makers are devices where preparing a good coffee can be challenging. Operating them requires some practice initially in order to set all parameters correctly. 

Most of the time, you need to pay attention to the water temperature, pressure in the boiler, grinding degree, amount of coffee used, extraction time, and all parameters that can influence the taste and quality of the coffee obtained.

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Capacity56 Fluid Ounces
ColorStainless Steel, Black
Special FeatureMilk Frother
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The same applies to grinders. Calibrating them to obtain a correct grinding degree is, at least in the beginning, difficult. That’s why the integrated grinder option comes with some additional advantages for manual espresso makers that can make a big difference.

  • They are specially designed for espresso extractions with only a few grinding degrees, all for espresso. This advantage makes adjusting the grind much simpler.
  • They are compact being integrated into the espresso maker and don’t take up space.
  • Most of them also have preset doses, which can be a plus at the start for more precise dosing. Automatic dosing also eliminates the need for a separate scale.
  • They can be fully automated by dosing, including volumetric in extraction.

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Capacity2.2 Pounds
Special FeatureIntegrated Coffee Grinder
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Disadvantages of a manual espresso maker with integrated grinder

Depending on the preferences and needs you are looking for in a manual espresso maker, they may also come with some disadvantages if you choose to have the grinder integrated.

  • The grinder cannot be used for other purposes. If on some days you like to diversify the flavors in your cup and prefer coffee prepared differently, the grinder cannot be used for other methods, being exclusively for the espresso maker.
  • The grinder can only be cleaned with the help of a technician, but this step can be done 2-3 times a year.
  • The grinder can be noisy.

If none of these are an obstacle, then a manual espresso maker with an integrated grinder is the perfect choice.

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Capacity4 Pounds
ColorBrushed Stainless Steel
Special FeatureManual
Coffee Maker TypeEspresso Machine

What types of drinks can you prepare with a manual grinder espresso machine?

Drinks made with a manual grinder espresso machine are similar to any other espresso machine, with the only advantage being the control over the extraction process. 

This aspect helps you achieve the best and correct extractions by adjusting parameters such as the amount of coffee used, the amount of coffee extracted, temperature, volume of water passing through the coffee, pressure, degree of grind, and tamping power. Here are a few drinks that you can prepare with a manual espresso machine.

Espresso. You can customize espresso extractions into ristretto, single or double espresso. All three of these drinks can be similarly obtained from 18-20 grams of ground coffee with a 15-second extraction time for ristretto, 26-30 seconds for single or double espresso.

Espresso Tonic. Transform a single or double espresso into a summer drink by combining it with your favorite tonic water and ice.

Mocha. A sweet drink with a balance between the intense coffee flavor and the sweet aroma of chocolate and milk. In a cappuccino cup, put two to three pieces of artisan chocolate with as high a percentage of cocoa as possible and extract a single espresso over it. 

This way, the chocolate will melt in contact with the coffee. Add the frothed milk as a texture like cappuccino and serve.


Frequently asked questions about manual grinder espresso machines

How to clean the grinder integrated into a manual espresso machine?

With the help of a technician. Integrated grinders are difficult to clean inside the blades, so the help of a technician is needed to correctly disassemble and recalibrate the blades.

What is the correct extraction for an espresso?

The SCAA recommended correct parameters to obtain a 40 ml espresso are: 18-20 grams of ground coffee, extraction time of 26-30 seconds, ideal temperature of 90-94 degrees and boiler pressure of 9 bars.

What is the integrated tamper in an espresso machine used for?

All manual grinder espresso machines have an integrated tamper. This is used to press the coffee from the portafilter, a mandatory step in obtaining an espresso.

Can I leave the manual espresso machine on overnight?

Most manual espresso machines can be left on, but it is recommended to turn them off. The waiting time to reach the ideal temperature is 10-15 minutes.