What are the Effects of Coffee on the Body?

Having a cup of coffee in the morning has become a habit that few people can give up. Annually, approximately 500 billion cups are consumed. 

It is recognized that such a beverage revitalizes the body and provides the necessary energy dose for daily activities.

Imagine, therefore, what your day would look like without a full cup of intense coffee that stimulates all your senses. 

In addition to the unique experience it offers, coffee consumption is also recommended for other reasons. 

Due to the bioactive compounds it incorporates, the drink has numerous effects on the body. The list is long, but now it’s time to discover some of them.

Effect of coffee on the body

Balances the cardiovascular system

Coffee has a protective effect on blood pressure and heart function. Chlorogenic acid, potassium, niacin, magnesium and tocopherol are the chemical compounds that act on blood vessels. Nitric oxide is also produced which stimulates vasodilation.

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Constant state of well-being throughout the day

It has antioxidant properties and improves mood. The risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases is also successfully removed. States of anxiety, fatigue or even depression can be easily managed. 

Therefore, people who regularly drink coffee have much lower chances of dealing with conditions such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Removes the risk of developing liver, lung, colorectal or ENT cancers

The rich content of enzymes and chlorogenic acid has anticarcinogenic effects, significantly reducing the possibility of cancer.

Increases gastric secretion

Coffee harmonizes the intestinal tract and reduces the risk of cirrhosis by up to 39%. It removes the appetite, which is a plus for those who want to get rid of extra weight. It also has diuretic effects and stimulates normal kidney function.

Eliminates the possibility of developing gout

A study of 45,000 people showed that men over 40 years old who drink coffee no longer face such a condition.

The effect of coffee on skin

Due to its bioactive compounds, coffee has miraculous effects on metabolism. But have you ever thought that such a drink also acts harmoniously on the skin? 

Cosmetics based on caffeine are increasingly recommended by most dermatologists. Some of the benefits they offer include:

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Removes wrinkles

Coffee gives the skin elasticity and shine. In addition, it prevents premature aging and eliminates imperfections.

Protects skin from ultraviolet rays

If you’re planning a sunny beach vacation, a caffeine-based cream can’t be missing from your backpack.

Eliminates cellulite marks

Coffee stimulates blood vessel function and acts on adipose tissue. Fat deposits are quickly broken down and stop the formation of cellulite. 

The appearance of the skin will be successfully revitalized, and you can enjoy the silhouette you’ve always dreamed of.

Recommended dose of coffee

Excess should be avoided at all costs, especially when it comes to coffee consumption. Addiction can have serious consequences on the entire body. So try not to turn a unique experience into an unhealthy habit.


Doctors recommend two cups with moderate intensity per day. It is also advisable to follow a few tips to achieve the desired results:

  • Don’t drink coffee after six in the evening because it’s very likely you’ll face insomnia.
  • Avoid adding sugars or other sweeteners to the coffee composition. Nothing compares to the feeling it can give you with an authentic taste. Black coffee also does not affect blood sugar levels. However, if you like sweet flavors, you can opt for natural options like Stevia syrup or dates.
  • If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, it is recommended to talk to a specialist. He will prescribe the right amount of consumption.
  • If you become too agitated or experience headaches, try to reduce your coffee dose. If the unpleasant symptoms do not disappear, contact a doctor immediately. Excessive coffee can lead to tachycardia and nervous system disorders.